Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekends are a bit like rainbows...

This weekend has been so fantastic!
firstly on friday me and the friends went to see (500) days of summer, which was so good! (as expected) Mildly depressing but V good regardless. Zooey Deschanel was beautiful of course, in appearance only may i add. My favourite scene in the movie was strangely(and the sister agrees) the very beginning when it's being described how as a girl the only thing summer loved was her long black hair and cutting it off. Worst part of the film was the overload of pop culture references. But despite that it was a great film with a awesome soundtrack.

yesterday on Saturday, i saw billy twinkle. it was amazing!!! Basically it was a one-man marionette show by Ronnie Burkett about his life as a puppeteer. As i've been drawing up plans this last month to create my own(though porcelain) marionettes it was very inspiring.

And lastly today, on a pleasent sunday afternoon, me and my mother saw Valentino: The Last Emperor. I definately came out of the cinema with a renewed love and respect of Valentino and fashion. and to top it off when i was hunting for Lula, mother surprised me with a pair of new Peter Alexander pj's! yip it was a truly splendid weekend...

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